• DS 4 - finitions - DS 4

    DS 4

    Engine available:  1.6 THP Auto

    • Xenon headlamp
    • Daytime running light
    • Front fog lamp with cornering function
    • Automatic rain sensitive windscreen
    • Automatic dual zone air-conditioning
    • Front seats with electric lumbar & massage function


    • Front, lateral & curtain airbag
    • Front & rear parking sensor
    • Blind spot monitoring system
    • Electronic Stability Program (ESP)
    • Auto illumination of headlamps
    • Anti-theft alarm



    New coupé body type raised 4-door combining dynamism and versatility for unequalled driving sensations



    Exceptional refinement and richness of presentation using upmarket materials (Full grain leather, integral Club Leather with front seats of watchstrap design)



    Panoramic windscreen for a wider field of vision



    Personalisation of the on-board ambiance (instrument panel, sound, air flow of the air conditioning)



    Technology to improve comfort:
    electric massaging front seats with lumbar adjustment, dual-zone air conditioning with air flow adjustment



    Permanent light signature at the front and rear



    Audio system with spatialisation of the sound



    A high level of safety: ESP, Intelligent Traction Control, Hill start assistance, 6 airbags, Programmable speed limiter-cruise control



    Blind spot monitoring system indicating the presence of another vehicle in the blind spot via a symbol on the mirrors





    The DS 4’s road holding is completely loyal to the impression of agility and stability provided by its silhouette. The type of suspension favours a dynamic behaviour so that you have the impression of having the wheels at your fingertips. A real invitation to escape, to movement!

    The DS 4 gives the impression of being glued to the road and provides you with a feeling of safety in every situation. It has a proven suspension system which has been especially adjusted for a ‘different’ type of car and the best level of agility.



    The DS 4 is boosted by road holding that reflects its style and promises a unique road contact with a feeling of safety under all conditions. It is also fitted as standard with systems dedicated to braking control (electronic brake force distribution and emergency braking aid) and keeping on course (ABS and ESP), measures that provide optimal vehicle control even in the most difficult driving conditions.

    It also has intelligent traction control as standard. This world exclusive system makes driving on slippery surfaces safer and makes the DS 4’s movement surer on icy or wet surfaces.



    Engine : 1.6 THP
    The petrol engine available on the Citroën DS4 is a strong performer. The THP 160 with an automatic gearbox develops generous torque at the lowest engine speeds for impressive acceleration and flexibility in use




  • DS 4 - White Pearlescent
  • DS 4 - White Pearlescent

White Pearlescent

  • White Pearlescent

    White Pearlescent
  • Bourrasque Blue

    Bourrasque Blue
  • Arctic Steel

    Arctic Steel
  • Shark Grey

    Shark Grey
  • Hickory Brown

    Hickory Brown
  • Perla Nera Black

    Perla Nera Black
  • Babylon Red

    Babylon Red


  • DS 4 - détails - Design


    A unique silhouette

    Slightly raised, unadorned rear doors, stretched lines, a sculptural silhouette! The DS 4’s original layout means it has everything it needs to make you succumb.

    Each viewpoint reveals another detail, produces another emotion. The complementarity of its convex and concave lines give the DS 4 a strong personality.

    The raised rear is imposing and announces a robust structure that contrasts with the sleek and sporty front. The glazed areas on the flanks disappear completely into the stretched lines of the whole. The DS 4 is not burning up the tracks, it is inventing them.

    DS 4 - détails - Design


    Distinctive DS line

    Right from the first glance, the DS 4 affirms its place in the heart of the distinctive DS line recently inaugurated with the DS 3. This name has a sense, it guarantees refinement and distinction. It represents Citroën’s creativity and its technological approach to the motor car.

    Whatever the angle, the DS 4’s style decisions satisfy the promised exclusivity of the DS line. The light guides are just one example: the front and rear lights provide an original light signature that is recognisable amongst all others. The DS 4 is a coherent whole where every detail counts.

    DS 4 - détails - Design


    Interior design

    The DS 4’s interior layout aims to provide excellence. The refinement of each element and the quality of very carefully selected materials will transport you into a world of pure elegance.

    All the elements of the passenger compartment compete for distinction: noble materials, sophisticated graphics, harmony of shapes and colours, customisable interior ambience… Getting into a DS 4 means you are already escaping.

    From the first look, you know that you will feel good there. You caress the smooth chrome of the gear lever or the full grain leather of the seats, with a design that reminds you of a watch strap, and you cannot resist the desire to get behind the wheel.

  • DS 4 - détails - Comfort



    The DS 4 offers you a new driving experience thanks to a driver’s post that is its measure. In practice, the passenger compartment is dominated by a panoramic windscreen which, in combination with the vehicle being slightly raised, provides optimal visibility for greater safety whilst offering an unusual view of the surroundings. The sensory experience is breathtaking!

    The DS 4’s windscreen literally bathes the passenger compartment in a luminosity that sublimes every colour and every material in its interior. And for a softer ambience, you and your passenger have individual blinds that include folding sun blinds.

    DS 4 - détails - Comfort


    Acoustic comfort

    The on-board acoustics are the first condition for comfort. This is an area where the DS 4 sets the standard: a windscreen with an integral damper, absorbents in the engine compartment, sealing barriers on the body, the doors…

    The soundproofing and absorption sounds from the engine, the aerodynamics and the suspension have been located as near to the emission source as possible to guarantee a velvet on-board ambience.

  • DS 4 - détails - Versatility


    Compactness and roominess

    The DS 4 is 4.27 m long and 1.53 m high and incontestably a compact car. Nevertheless, it keeps a promise that is more of a challenge: introduce polyvalence and habitability into its dynamic and exclusive silhouette. Challenge met with 3 real places accessible by the unadorned doors, a large boot and numerous storage places.

    The DS 4 is a car with ‘extensive powers’ with an even greater capacity to satisfy multiple needs whilst simultaneously offering even greater dynamism. The DS 4 opens the way to new uses, new motorcar pleasures.

    DS 4 - détails - Versatility


    With the DS 4, we have not had to choose between style and habitability. To make it easier to access the 3 rear seats, something that is often criticised in cars with dynamic silhouettes, the DS 4 has unadorned rear doors that are perfectly integrated into the style. They are discovered, in practice, only after the handle incorporated into the door frame is operated.

    Thanks to this optimised access, the front doors are also smaller, lighter and therefore easier to handle facilitating access to the front seats. With this equipment, the DS 4 meets the challenge of combining creativity, dynamism and polyvalence.

    DS 4 - détails - Versatility


    Boot and storage space

    The whole of the DS 4’s passenger compartment will satisfy all your need to the last detail for polyvalence. The same applies to its boot with a capacity of 370 litres which would not be out of place on a standard saloon car. The DS 4 also offers multiple storage spaces to make life on board easier: large lit glove box, generous front door troughs and drawer under the front passenger seat.

    The central console includes a refrigerated and lit storage space  and also a connectivity zone with a jack plug, a USB socket and a 12 V power socket.

  • DS 4 - détails - Technologies



    On board the DS 4 you are incontestably travelling in first class with the equipment serving your well being: massaging front seats with electrical lumbar adjustment or the sound system with audio processing software that allows the sound to be space conditioned.

    You can also select the on board ambience that suits you: 4 ranges of polyphonic sounds for the alarms and warnings, 3 intensity levels for the air conditioning flow rate and a colour chart ranging from white to blue for the driving column.

    The programmable cruise control allows you to record speeds settings when stationary and then use them faster during the journey.

    DS 4 - détails - Technologies


    Greater serenity

    Because pleasure is not complete without serenity, Citroën has installed numerous ‘Technologie’ innovations in the DS 4. To increase visibility when cornering, the DS 4 has front fog lamps with static intersection lighting that provides an additional beam of light. Another Citroën innovation: the blind spot surveillance system. This equipment uses the same principle as reversing radars and indicates the presence of a vehicle in the blind spot by a pictogram in the rear-view mirror.




    *Citroën vehicles are sold worldwide, specifications may vary from one country to another.

  • DS 4 - détails - Dimensions


    DS 4 - détails - Dimensions


    DS 4 - détails - Dimensions


    DS 4 - détails - Dimensions