• DS 5 - finitions - DS 5

    DS 5

    Engines available: 1.6 THP Auto

    • Cockpit roof
    • Xenon headlamp
    • Daytime running light
    • Hands-free & push start button
    • Rear parking assistance
    • eMyWay with rear view camera
    • Arkamys audio processing with Denon Hi-Fi
    • Keyless entry
    • Front & rear parking sensors


    • Fauve / Red / Black Club Leather
    • Color HUD (Head Up Display)
    • Electrical driver seat with memory
    • Automatic dual zone air-conditioning
    • Electronic parking brake
    • Rims – 18-inch alloy wheels Canaveral with black gloss diamond-effect
    • Hill Start Assist



    A bold creation, sculptural, expressing intense dynamic sensations



    An innovative architecture combining compactness (4.53m), 5 real seats and a generous boot volume (468l VDA)



    A passenger compartment entirely specific to the vehicle inspired by aircraft design: cockpit roof, colour head up display, wide upper and lower centre consoles incorporating toggle switches


  • RIDE

    A unique driving experience thanks to precise dynamic handling and accurate and direct steering



    Technology to improve comfort:
    automatic main beam headlamps, hands-free access and starting, eMyWay navigation system with reversing camera



    A refined object which combines original vision and CITROËN know-how



    Authentic materials such as full grain leather and metal.
    Exclusive creative features such as the watchstrap design, signature of the DS line



    “Tailor-made” personalisation with, for example, a range of 2 types of  leather trims (Fauve/Red/Black Club Leather) with watchstrap design



    Specific work on the exterior lighting (front and rear light signatures) and interior lighting (LED)




  • Engine : 1.6 THP
    The petrol engine available on the Citroën DS5 is a performer. The THP 155 with an automatic gearbox develops generous torque at the lowest engine speeds for impressive acceleration and flexibility in use


  • A unique driving experience! A dynamic ride that makes no compromises on comfort! On the DS 5, springing and damping were developed to ‘read’ the road while remaining easy to control. The car grips the road and conveys a reassuring impression of safety in all circumstances

    The crisp, precise steering of the DS 5 contributes to these dynamic characteristics. A hydraulic, electric pump delivers a strong, gradual response without being overly sensitive, particularly on straights


  • Alongside its exceptional ride and styling, the DS 5 is also equipped as standard with systems dedicated to braking control (electronic brakeforce distributor and emergency braking assistance) and keeping the car on course (ABS and ESP). These systems help the driver keep the car under control even in the most difficult driving situations.

    Intelligent traction control is also standard. A world exclusive, this system makes driving easier on slippery surfaces and helps the car move forward over snow-covered or wet roads, or on black ice.




  • DS 5 - Hickory Brown
  • DS 5 - Hickory Brown

Hickory Brown

  • Hickory Brown

    Hickory Brown
  • Vapour Grey

    Vapour Grey
  • Perla Nera Black

    Perla Nera Black
  • Arctic Steel

    Arctic Steel
  • White Pearlescent

    White Pearlescent
  • Galena Grey

    Galena Grey


  • DS 5 - détails - Design


    Aerodynamic sculpting

    The DS 5 is an original and surprising car, an aerodynamic sculpture of taut, flowing lines. The very first glance conveys a promise of dynamic performance.

    It is a particularly elegant car with a keen gaze, underlined by the lighting signature of its LED lights, its distinctive chrome sword feature, and the design of the rear wing.


    Enchanting, appealing and surprising, the DS 5 exercises a natural attraction.

    DS 5 - détails - Design


    Elegance in every detail

    Quality and sophistication are visible in every detail of the DS 5. Alternating trim details in chrome (twin exhaust pipes, sword, etc.) and glossy black (ront and rear strips, weatherstrips, etc.) along with the large diamond-tipped alloy wheels contribute to its elegant, sculptural looks.


    The DS 5 is available in six body colours. This is an exceptional vehicle, designed to satisfy and even exceed your main expectations.

    DS 5 - détails - Design


    The DS 5 is visibly part of the DS line, which also comprises the DS3 and DS4. Vehicles in the DS line are creative and original. Their styling is unique and immediately identifiable, inspired and emotional. Meeting high standards in presentation and finish, these vehicles combine original driving sensations with features that are truly useful in everyday use.

    Symbolising innovation and know-how, styling and technology, the DS line illustrates a new approach to the future of the car. A future inspired by a genetic heritage whose DNA includes innovation and distinction.

  • DS 5 - détails - Cabin


    The interior of the DS 5 brings an aircraft to mind, with its cockpit driving position. It combines the driving stance of a coupé with grand touring features: a wraparound fascia, a vertical steering wheel with a wide flat section, information facing the driver, a wide central console, and a small gear lever.

    On board the DS 5, technology goes hand in hand with driveability. The colour head-up display, a particularly innovative feature, projects essential driving information onto a panel in the driver’s direct line of vision. The driver thus adopts a more relaxed driving style, without taking his or her eyes off the road.

    DS 5 - détails - Cabin


    On board, the imagination takes over. The DS 5 sets itself apart with an original cabin inspired by the world of aerospace design, in keeping with the promise of the exterior styling.

    The most symbolic feature is the cockpit roof. A new take on glass roof design, tailored to the DS 5, it features three light wells with a glazed area of 0.58 m². The light wells can be closed individually to create an unusual, personal ambience, by day and by night

    DS 5 - détails - Cabin


    Sophistication in every detail

    The DS 5 also reaps the benefits of the Marque’s expertise in quality and refinement. Authentic, high-quality materials, such as the smooth, full-grain Club leather and the aluminium used for the trim, with some parts featuring an engine-turned finish.


    The DS 5 combines tradition and innovation, without renouncing its own strong personality. Quality and sophistication are visible in every detail. For example, in the exceptional craftsmanship of the ‘watch bracelet’ design seats, a signature feature of the DS line.

    DS 5 - détails - Cabin


    Restful ambience

    Onboard lighting plays an important role in life on board the DS 5. The LED-based interior lighting gradually lights up the cabin. Once on board, the driver simply pushes the hands-free start-up button to bring the cabin to life. The transparent colour head-up display is deployed, and the three digital pads and instrument cluster needle spring into life, creating an ambient lighting display.


    Continuing this amazing driving experience, the DS 5 has a quiet onboard ambience. Particular emphasis was placed on acoustic treatment: soundproofing and noise control focus on the causes of noise emissions or vibrations, and every part of the vehicle has been treated to ensure acoustic quality.

  • DS 5 - détails - Versatility and comfort


    Compact and spacious

    The DS 5 is first and foremost an exceptional vehicle whose intelligent design overcomes the usual compromises between driving pleasure and shared comfort: 4.53m long, 1.85m wide and 1.51m tall, this is a car of elegant, compact lines.


    This compact design has a twofold advantage: it makes the car more nimble and responsive while cutting fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. But the DS 5 is also a true 5-door, 5-seater model with the accessibility and rear space of a saloon.

    DS 5 - détails - Versatility and comfort


    Boot and storage

    The compact exterior design in no way detracts from onboard functions. Quite the contrary. The generous boot has capacity of 468 litres VDA.

    Looking beyond the usual storage features, the central console has a double 13-litre compartment under the armrest. The top part features a jack and USB port to connect mobile appliances. The lower part, which is cooled and lit, lets you store a 1.5 litre bottle.


    The high-mounted console in the cockpit roof features two eyeglass holders, and the driving position includes an open cubby just next to the driver’s left hand

    DS 5 - détails - Versatility and comfort


    Hifi and multimedia

    The DS 5 addresses all the senses. With its ten loudspeakers, the optional Denon hifi system turns the cabin into an auditorium for demanding music lovers. And the sound spatialisation system of the CD MP3 RDS system with six loudspeakers delivers real listening pleasure.


    A double-DVD player is also available as an accessory, providing excellent audio and video quality for passengers in the rear.

    DS 5 - détails - Versatility and comfort


    eMyWay navigation

    The DS 5 is also available with a latest-generation built-in navigation system called eMyWay. Features include a large 7-inch high-definition colour screen, an internal memory for storing map data, speed limit sign reminders, and Bluetooth audio streaming to listen to music tracks stored on a mobile phone.


    The eMyWay navigation system is combined with a rearview camera that sends colour pictures to the navigation screen. The driver can thus manoeuvre safely.

  • DS 5 - détails - Innovation


    Intelligent traction control

    Whatever the type of road or engine, petrol, intelligent traction control is a valuable safety aid. Activated on slippery surfaces, the system maximises grip and traction, by managing wheel spin.


    Couped with ESP, intelligent traction control ensures optimum vehicle control in the most difficult driving situations.

    DS 5 - détails - Innovation


    On the DS 5, the headlights are managed automatically, in line with ambient lighting and traffic conditions.

    A miniature camera built into the interior door mirror manages the automatic headlights, switching them on and off as necessary, in line with ambient lighting and traffic conditions, for safer driving at night.

    DS 5 - détails - Innovation


    On board the DS 5, technology goes hand in hand with driveability. The colour head-up display, a particularly innovative feature, projects essential driving information onto a panel in the driver’s direct line of vision.

    DS 5 - détails - Innovation


    Working with the eMyWay navigation system, the camera sends colour pictures to the navigation screen. Relying on the visual information (red lines to show the edge of the rear bumper and blue lines to show the maximum turning circle), the driver can then manoeuvre safely.

    The rearview camera simplifies parking manoeuvres, for complete peace of mind.

    DS 5 - détails - Innovation


    Static cornering lighting

    When cornering at low speeds (40 kph max), the front fog lamps with static cornering lighting provide a second light source to increase visibility inside bends or intersections, by up to 75° on the right or left of the vehicle.


    This system is activated automatically when the indicators are turned on or when the steering wheel is at an angle of 60°.

    DS 5 - détails - Innovation


    Hands-free access and start-up

    The DS 5 is intuitive. With the hands-free access function, it recognises the driver, who simply touches the door handles to open the car.


    The LED interior lighting then gradually lights up the cabin. The driver then simply pushes the START button to start the engine.

  • DS 5 - détails - Dimensions


    DS 5 - détails - Dimensions


    DS 5 - détails - Dimensions


    DS 5 - détails - Dimensions