April 24, 2014

80th anniversary celebrations for the CITROËN Traction Avant

On 18 April 1934, CITROËN unveiled the 7A, a car that would make motoring history with its wealth of innovations, starting with front-wheel-drive, or Traction Avant in French, such a groundbreaking development that the car would soon be known by this name.

Three talented people are behind this legendary car unveiled in 1934 : André Citroën, engineer André Lefèbvre and Flaminio Bertoni. The specifications were ambitious: to design a car that was economical, comfortable and innovative.

Designed, tested perfected and launched in just 18 months, the Traction Avant is a stunning example of the genius of these three men.

Eighty years on, people are still talking about the Traction Avant. To celebrate the car’s 80th anniversary year, CITROËN HERITAGE is taking part in a whole series of events revolving around this revolutionary model.

Then from March through to the end of June, a unique TRACTION AVANT is holding court at the My Citroën Aventure exhibition at the C_42 venue on the Champs-Elysées in Paris: the 1955 TRACTION AVANT Sans Frontières 11BL.