Citroën Warranty



All CITROËN vehicles have undergone stringent pre-delivery processes and checks to ensure your vehicle is delivered in pristine condition. From the date of delivery, your new vehicle is covered against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 3 years or 100,000km (whichever comes first).

It is important that you always bring your vehicle to Grand Motors Sdn Bhd for servicing at recommended service intervals – First inspection at 2,500km (no engine oil change), first servicing at 10,000km and thereafter every 10,000km or 6 months whichever is earlier. With complete service history records, this also gives you peace-of-mind that your warranty will never be compromised.




Normal maintenance services such as cleaning & polishing, minor adjustments, lubrication, oil/fluid changes, filters, anti-freeze coolant replenishment, wheel alignment and tyres rotation.

Wear-and-tear Items

Normal wear and tears parts such as spark plugs, worn brake pads/shoes & lining, worn wiper blades, bulbs/fuses and tyres.



– Maintenance and repairs on your vehicle must be carried out in conformity with the prescription laid down by CITROËN, such as operations are to be performed exclusively by Grand Motors Sdn Bhd.

– Failure to comply with the recommended maintenance schedule may invalidate this warranty. Please refer to Owner’s Manual.

– Improper maintenance or use of other than specific fuel, oil or lubricants and parts recommended in the Owner’s manual may invalidate this warranty. Recommended oil for CITROËN is TOTAL OIL.

– Warranty may be rendered null and void under these conditions:

1. Use of vehicle for motorsport, races, rallies or resultatnt accidents.

2. Alteration to the original specifications or installation of equipment, which are neither provided for nor authorised by CITROËN or Grand Motors Sdn Bhd.

3. Use of non-genuine parts.

4. Natural/environmental causes.

5. Glass damage, if it is not clearly proven that this is due to manufacturing or installation errors.

6. Modification to vehicle’s system and components not carried out by Grand Motors Sdn Bhd.

7. Exceeding permitted axle loads.

8. Your warranty does not cover any loss, damage or failure caused wholly or partially by lack of maintenance.

9. Your warranty may become invalid if you continue to drive when a fault becomes apparent. Please refer to owner’s manual.